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Coin Catalog Pro 2.4.7

Coin Catalog Pro 2.4.7: Coin Catalog Pro - Coin Collecting Software coin information in an internet database is no longer truly secure (and could lead to disastrous consequences if your valuables were made public). The only way to truly keep your coin data private is to keep the coin information on your own PC. Benefits of Coin Catalog Pro: *Maintain detailed data for all of your coins in one powerful software database *Analyze your coin data to maximize your coin portfolio purchases *Sort and filter your data by

Coin Mate 2014 1.0.12: Manage your own Coin collection!
Coin Mate 2014 1.0.12

Coin Mate is an advanced coin collecting manager for managing your own coin collection. Coin Mate is using automatic data import from Colnect`s free online database, which saves you a lot of time you would normally spend for manually entering information. Coin Mate has a user friendly interface that allows you to manage large amounts of coins with ease.

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WorldCoins 2.0.27: Software solution to organize and manage with ease any kind of coin collection
WorldCoins 2.0.27

database to manage your Buyer and Seller information Unlimited number of coins can be added to the existing ones All coins can be tracked as current inventory, only repeated coins (to sell or exchange) or not owned coins (not yet in the collection, sold, lost). Can be easily moved from one type to another To speed up the addition of more coins, use the duplicate function in a selected coin. Coins can individually modifiable later WorldCoins is all

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Convert MSSQL Database to MySQL Database 5.0.1: Convert selected or entire database records of MSSQL database server into MySQL
Convert MSSQL Database to MySQL Database 5.0.1

database records of MS SQL database server into MySQL server database records. MSSQL to My SQL database converter software maintains database integrity while converting the MSSQL database records into My SQL formats. MSSQL to MySQL database migration program supports Unicode architecture with full installation and uninstalls supports. Database conversion program overwrite converted database records into existing database or save converted database

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MSSQL to MS Access Database Converter Tool 5.0.1: MSSQL to Access program convert MS SQL databases into MS Access format.
MSSQL to MS Access Database Converter Tool 5.0.1

database conversion tool can easily translate MSSQL database records into access database format. Freeware database migration tool is helpful for database administrators that working on multiple databases projects. Database conversion utility easily converts entire or selected database table’s records. MSSQL to MS Access Database Conversion Tool • MS SQL database migration tool convert an SQL Server database to MS Access database. • Database

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Convert MSSQL to MYSQL Database 5.0.1: Database converter converts MSSQL Server database records into MySQL Server data
Convert MSSQL to MYSQL Database 5.0.1

database converter MSSQL to MySQL database converter converts MSSQL Server database records into MySQL Server database records. Database converter accurately converts large volume database record and maintains database integrity and accuracy when user converts the database. Database conversion program overwrites converted database records into already existing database records. Database file converter is compatible with all windows based operating

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CoinManage UK Coin Collecting Software 2013: Use CoinManage UK to catalogue and value your British coin collection.
CoinManage UK Coin Collecting Software 2013

CoinManage UK coin collecting software to easily & accurately catalogue your UK Coin Collection. Included is a comprehensive database of over 6600 British Milled coins from 1649-present, including Maundy coins, proof sets and bullion coins. Up to date Gold, Silver & Platinum spot prices can be downloaded from the Internet & instantly applied to your bullion coins. Each coin listed is valued in several different grades and mintage figures are shown

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